Weight loss plateau – How I’m dealing with my weight loss stalling.

I’ve had a pretty good run with my weight loss. Since I started being serious about my nutrition and fitness from October 7th 2018, I have been able to lose more than 14kg. It had even peaked at 15kg and I made a post about my progress.

15kg fat loss (Before and after)
15kg fat loss (Before and after)

I have noticed that as I get lighter, it is becoming more difficult to lose more weight. I will admit that I have been more relaxed with my consumption habits and I have transitioned from avoiding any starchy carbs to including them in my macro split. I estimate that it is at 30% of what I consume.

I also admit that I haven’t been doing as much running or cardiovascular activities, which was also aiding me with my weight loss. So after getting my weight down to 75.2kg, it had crept back up to 75.8kg.

What are some of the weight loss plateau solutions that I can consider?

Eliminate starchy carbs from my diet and go back to salads.

Starchy Carbs

Salad mixes with lettuce and cucumber have very few calories. I prefer to eat these when I need to be really aggressive with my fat loss goals. I can then try to consume similar weight meals compared to what I was having before with the starchy carbs, but consume fewer calories.

If I get tired of salads, I can always substitute the starchy carbs with green cabbage.

Add in more cardiovascular exercise.

At the moment, I am doing Max Shred from Athlean X which is allowing me to lose body fat and to develop and tone my muscle. The program doesn’t focus on improving athletic abilities such as cardio because it isn’t the purpose of the program. I do think that adding a run that will improve stamina will help. This could be high intensity interval sprints with 30-60 seconds rest. And then doing these over a distance of 60-400m.

Track my calorie consumption more strictly.

I have been more relaxed with counting my calories. I had been working towards a goal of 1400 calories a day. I then increased it to 1600 calories a day. But I think I realistically need to work towards the 1400 calories a day to remain consistent with my fat loss goals.

How long do I expect this weight loss plateau to last?

I’m hoping that with the change in diet, I will start to see a downward trajectory again. I think that my body is also starting to build lean muscle, which is counteracting the weight loss progression that I am seeing in my chart.

I will start by cleaning up my diet to see if that will have an impact. I can then do the process of elimination to see if the weight loss stall has been triggered mainly by my diet or if it is the addition of new lean muscle on my body.

Weight loss stalling doesn’t equate to having a fat loss stall.

This is something else that I’ve found interesting. Even though I have started to gain weight over the past few weeks, my caliper test tells me that I am losing body fat. The caliper test I recently did had me at 10-11% body fat just above my hip area.

I do have simple calipers that suffice for now. But I do think getting more advanced skinfold calipers will help me with getting more accurate readings.

Check out this fat loss video from Athlean X to get some more insight.

Jeff Caveliere from Athlean X shares some great insight into fat loss and how it works. This will provide more insight into how fat loss is triggered.

You can also get inspiration from the video below.

Weight loss plateau resources

I’ve also shared some resources on weight loss plateaus that can help you manage and breakthrough any plateaus that you are currently experiencing.




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