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Since I’ve been doing my bodybuilding training, I’ve introduced the consumption of vitamin D into my training. This has been based on the recommendations from my coach. And the daily intake is 3000 IU per day (or 3 tablets per day).

Vitamin D deficiency is something that is very common but isn’t promoted. The easiest solution is for people to go outside and get more sunlight. I’m not 100% certain on the amount of time, but it may be between 15-60 minutes a day worth of sunshine that will provide enough vitamin D to be absorbed into the body.

Since most people work or have their lifestyle indoors, or they may live in certain parts of the world where they aren’t exposed to sunlight as much, then vitamin D deficiency occurs.

What are the benefits of taking vitamin D?

  • There are claims that it can assist with increased muscle strength.
  • There are claims that it can help with the reduction in injury.
  • There are claims that it can assist with improved performance.
  • Vitamin D has been linked to reduced inflammation and pain.
  • There are claims that it naturally increases testosterone.

How much vitamin D should be consumed per day?

There are claims that 3-5mL of vitamin D is sufficient per day. You will need to test and track the amount of vitamin D that you are consuming and how well your body responds to having different levels of vitamin D in your system.

You can watch the video below to learn more about studies done around different vitamin D doses.

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