Try Edamame for a quick, cheap and low carb snack!


I managed to visit my local Japanese supermarket this week and I was able to find Frozen Edamame. 500g of Edamame was $1.80, which I thought was an OK price for getting a healthy snack.

The thing I like about Edamame is its low-calorie content. And that it can be consumed as finger food, or even a cold or hot snack. It is easy to pack and carry as well.

I started including Edamame into my daily diet and below are the nutritional facts.

  • 1 serving was 75g. (I weigh my food with scales at home)
  • Calories – 58
  • Carbs – 5g
  • Protein – 4.9g
  • Fat – 1.7g
  • The thing that surprised me the most with Edamame is the protein intake, despite only having a very small serving.

Secondly, the carb intake is also really low, which allows you to consume more. It is an easy snack that will allow you to stay under or achieve your macro targets.

Typically if you eat Edamame at restaurants, they will season it with salt. I encourage you to enjoy the snack as it is.

Alternatively, you can include it as a side dish with your meal.

If you decide to get a 500g packet, it should last you for at least 5 meals.

Do you currently include Edamame as a part of your diet? How do you find it? Let us know in the comments.



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