Stewed cabbage in beef or chicken stock.

This is one of the vegetable hacks that I like to use. There’s alot of green vegetables that taste pretty bland when they are eaten by themselves. And I’m not going to pretend that they taste delicious. Cabbage happens to be one of them.

So what I do instead is I prepare the cabbage in a way so that it becomes stewed in the flavours and juices from the chicken or beef that I cook. There are two methods that I use to do this.

Roast the green vegetables as a casserole with the beef or chicken.

All I do is I chop up the cabbage and I place it at the bottom of the tray. As the beef or chicken starts to cook, the juices will sink to the bottom and it will cook the cabbage in the flavours and seasoning that you’ve done. This method does take a while. But the result is a very tasty cabbage.

Boil the cabbage and add the meat stock to give it flavour.

This is my preferred option because it is much quicker to prepare. I boil the cabbage and then add the rest of the meat stock to give it the flavour from the meat. Because it is so tasty, I can enjoy eating it on its own if I really want to.

The really good thing about this hack is that it allows you to eat more whilst consuming fewer calories. If you consume 100g as a part of your meal, you will only consume 25 calories.

Have you tried this?

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