Should you take Spirulina tablets?

Spirulina powder

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This is something that I’ve been considering to have as a part of my nutrition. I had a friend that mentioned the benefits of consuming Spirulina to me years ago.

More recently, I attended a seminar on a cruise where they mentioned the need to keep alkaline levels balanced in the body. And that when the body becomes too acidic, it can affect the liver.

They mentioned the ideal way to remove the toxins was to consume green vegetables, but in particular the properties found in seaweed.

The only issue with eating the seaweed is that you need to consume alot (kilos) of it on a daily basis to get the full benefits of seaweed absorbing the toxins and acid that is in your body.

An easier to digest solution is seaweed in powdered form. And that is where Spirulina comes in.

Spirulina can be consumed in small quantities. So this means you can take a few grams as a supplement instead of having to consume a large plate full of seaweed.

It is convenient when taken in the powdered form. However, there is a drawback.

Spirulina powder in water

Spirulina doesn’t taste good.

My honest opinion on it.

  • It doesn’t taste good.
  • It doesn’t look good.
  • It doesn’t appeal to me.

It seems to be getting everywhere when it is in the powdered form. Which is really starting to annoy me. From the benches to sinks to towels to other spots that I cannot think of.

Spirulina powder is messy.

They say to mix it in with shakes. And when I did, my strawberry smoothie turned green. It tasted ok, but it doesn’t make me want to add it to a smoothie again.

And I don’t normally drink any kind of green drinks.

What option is there for taking Spirulina?

The most convenient option that I can see with Spirulina is to take them in tablet form. You still need to take a few a day. But you can bypass the taste and get the benefits into your system.

Spirulina tablets

The tablets are light, so you will need to take a few of them per day to compliment your macros. Some of the Spirulina tablets recommend taking 3g per day, which is approximately 6 tablets a day.

The good news is that if you are trying to get your protein intake up, you can easily take the 6 and get 1.5g of protein. If you were to take 10g, you would consume 5g of protein. So it is a good source for plant-based protein.

But at the same time, you want something that is convenient and easy to take. You don’t want to force yourself to drink some green sludge.

If you’re interested in adding them to your diet, you can check out these Spirulina tablets on Amazon.