Are you skinny fat? You are not alone.

Skinny fat frustrated

Majority of skinny guys that work in an office will eventually realise one thing. They are becoming fat while they still have a skinny physique. It is frustrating because not only are you not gaining any size or impressive muscular development, but it also contributes to a loss in self-esteem and willpower to commit to your fitness goals.

The office environment isn’t ideal for achieving bodybuilding goals. You sit at a desk all day. You do little to no movement. You consume food and drinks that cause you to have a calorie surplus. And the food and drinks that you might need to consume in the work environment work against your fitness goals.

So how can you put yourself in a position to prevent becoming a skinny-fat guy?

What you consume.

This is by far the most important thing that you need to consider. Essentially, you need to follow and monitor your meal plan to prevent consuming items that will add to your body’s fat deposits. There are often chocolates and snacks around.

You really need to be following a diet that contains green vegetables and lean meats. And it is likely that you need to prepare your own meals in order to get the right intake of protein and carbs to sustain your energy and your bodybuilding development, without having the fear of gaining more body fat.

Commit to an exercise regime that will make up for your loss in exercise.

This is crucial. Working in an office can often mean 7+ hours of sitting at a desk and barely walking or even doing any movement throughout that time. It is easy to stay overtime, which can lead to another 1-2h of no movement.

On top of that, you have your commute, your meal times and your social time. By the time you end up doing some form of exercise, you might only allocate 30-60 minutes in your day. And if the output of the exercise doesn’t exceed the input of what you’ve consumed throughout the day, you will find that the fatness on your skinny body will increase very quickly.

Not only is it important to focus on developing your strength and muscle size, but it is important that you work out at an intensity that will burn the calories that you accumulate throughout the day. This will usually involve some form of cardiovascular exercise in addition to the resistance weights that you will be doing at the gym.

The thing is, you will need to burn at least 500 calories from your workout in order to create a calorie deficit. This will require at least 30 minutes of intense exercise. In addition, it is common for most office workers to feel tired after their working day, so the intensity might only be at 60%, rather than the 80-100% that they need to be aiming for.

Another thing that needs to be considered is your daily structure.

At what time should workouts occur and at what time should meals be taken? Getting the right balance of these will help you sustain the energy that you need to perform throughout the day, as well as help you achieve your fitness goals.

Don’t end up being one of those guys that becomes extremely frustrated because you can see yourself getting fatter and staying skinny because of the lifestyle with your job. Take a look at your lifestyle and see where improvements can be made in order to gain a better work, exercise and lifestyle balance, while working towards your fitness goals.

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