Should you hire a personal trainer?

Alot of people hire personal trainers for the wrong reasons and wonder why they don’t get the results that they desire. There is a degree of accountability that needs to be taken by the personal trainer. However, the bulk of the accountability always comes back to the client.

The client that fails to understand how the role of a personal trainer fits into achieving their overall goals and lifestyle will only fail to achieve their fitness goals.

So use this guide to help you decide if and how you should hire a personal trainer.

You need expert guidance to tell you exactly what you need to do to achieve your fitness goals.

Personal trainers are hired to help you achieve specific health and fitness goals. They will become a part of your team to help you achieve your fitness goals and they will specialize in researching and planning the diet and exercise to help you achieve your fitness goals.

If you already know what to do, or if you have something that is already working for you; then it won’t be in your interest to hire a personal trainer.

However, if you need someone that can help you get to the next level, and you are prepared to take direction and orders from an expert; then hiring a personal trainer is the way to go.

You are happy to train with a trainer instead of individually.

This is really important. If you find that you train better on your own, then you will find it difficult to train with a personal trainer. You will actually find it better training with a set plan by a personal trainer on your own.

People that prefer to train individually find that by having a personal trainer in a 1-2-1 session can be distracting. Even though that isn’t the intention.

In some cases, it might be better to hire a personal trainer for a “progress session” instead of ongoing sessions.

Your motivation is your fitness goals, not hiring a personal trainer.

Even though hiring a personal trainer will help to motivate you to turn up to your gym and fitness sessions, it still doesn’t hold you accountable and you will find that your discipline will be lacking.

You will make it harder for the personal trainer as they will waste time and energy motivating you to train instead of focusing on doing the work to get you the results that you are after.

Have them guide you on your technique.

One of the biggest benefits is having an expert guide help you improve your technique. There is only so much you can do when you are training by yourself.

This will help you avoid injury and develop strength and power in the other muscle groups. This will help you improve your overall performance.

You will work to a plan.

If you find yourself wandering aimlessly at the gym and trying to figure things out, then you need to get expert guidance and a personal trainer will be ideal.

You will have a set plan, objectives, workouts, recovery sessions, and nutrition to achieve exactly what you want to achieve.

How should you choose your personal trainer?

  • Find someone that has the physique or fitness that you want to achieve.
  • Check their proof.
  • Look at their proposed plan to see if it fits in with your goals.
  • Be open to virtual personal trainers who can help you achieve your goals.