Reasons why skinny guys should start bodybuilding.

I’m going to talk straight to the point in this post. Because every skinny guy knows how it is like to play second fiddle to everyone else just because people don’t take you seriously. You might find that you are the smartest, nicest, wittiest or funniest one in the room, but you are the one with the least amount of social impact. Like it or not, looks matter. And if you want to get ahead in life, you need to play that card to your advantage.

There are those guys that are born with amazing genes. They look great, they have the size and people seem to adore them. You on the other hand have your work cut out for you, but believe me, the rewards are worth it.

You need to find your motivation. And your motivation is your WHY.

This will give you the motivation and the drive for you to achieve the aesthetic look that you want. So below are a few strong reasons why you should start bodybuilding.

People will look to you in adulation.

People will start coming up to you out of respect and wanting to be around you. Simply because they start to see you as a WINNER! People are shallow and they tend to only look skin-deep in the beginning. And the thing is, people bring more people. And with that comes more respect. Additionally, more power and influence; which also allows you to increase your self-worth, whether that is through the money that you receive or people giving you things.

It will change the course of your career.

Have you ever been at a job and wondered why you see some people get ahead much quicker than others? As much as we don’t want to believe that looks has anything to do with it, the reality is it does. Physically appealing looks opens up doors and opportunities that you would never be able to get in the conventional way.

It’s the easy ticket to more wealth and riches.

You will have the best sex life…EVER!

Have you ever wanted to have your dream girls clamouring for you? Fact is, the girl that you are after will go wild if she is physically attracted to you. And that will make her do all kinds of things with you that you have probably only ever imagined. If you want an average girl, you can stick with an average look. But if you go above and beyond, you can get those HOT girls that you’ve been chasing all of your life to actually start chasing you. Best thing is you will be the one in the position to cherry pick one. Or even invite all of them to enjoy your company.

You will be a people magnet.

Have you ever felt socially awkward or sometimes you feel like you are alone in this world?

Never again!

That’s what happens when you start going to the gym and working out. People take notice. They want to be around an achiever. And that will start to show the more you keep on going to the gym. You will attract a few initial friends, which will grow into a clique and then your squad.

You will gain the confidence that you never knew you had.

People are attracted to boldness and confidence. You need to let that radiate from you. And the easiest way to do that is to improve your physique at the gym. First impressions don’t lie. People will look at you and give you the respect and adulation that you want before you have even spoken a word. And you can use that positive energy to project your boldness and your charisma to everyone around you.

You will be keeping everything real. 100%. It’s just that as you start to like your new look, you will start to feel like a completely new person.


Don’t be that guy that finishes last. It’s all well and good being nice to people, but the truth is that nice and honest guys finish last. Girls that are out there saying that they are looking for those nice guys are the ones that are always attracted to the guys who act like jerks. This is because they find them interesting. And while charisma and boldness is something that will definitely attract a girl to you, the thing is she will be take notice of you physically within  3 seconds.

Ask yourself, do you know what you want to get out of your life?

And be honest. Are you actually happy with the life that you are living right now? Because if you are not, it is time to make a change for the better. And it start with going to the gym, picking up some weights and doing some cardio. Before you know it, you will be on the road to redemption!