Physical therapist vs personal trainer (Athlean X comparison)

I’ve been doing Athlean X for over 2 years. The online training developed by physical therapist Jeff Cavaliere has been amazing. I started at 35 years old being unable to walk without pain, weighing 92 kilograms, having poor posture, and a whole other heap of health issues.

The Athlean X program helped me regain my athletic ability. So much so that I went to under 80kg in less than 3 months.

The program designed by a physical therapist in my opinion is excellent for athletic and functional mobility. And also if you want to develop lean, athletic muscle, and stripping away body fat.

It’s also a really good lifestyle program.

However, I decided to switch to using a personal trainer and I have noticed a difference in the training approaches and the outcomes. So I thought I would share what I’m noticing in this post.

Personal trainer vs physical therapist training.

The personal trainer that I’ve hired is a bodybuilder. So the training is specific to building muscle mass. The nutrition is also customized to having the right macro balance to build an aesthetic look.

The attention to detail with the bio mechanics and lifting technique is superior compared to following an online course. The reason being real time adjustments can be made to really nail the mind-muscle connection.

The training sessions enable the athlete to push past their plateaus and develop strength and power gains, which should lead to more muscle development.

Improved nutritional guidance.

I was getting frustrated because all of the top bodybuilders that I would see followed a strict diet to improve their physique. My diet was good, but it was missing something for my lifestyle.

Improved data tracking

I got my body fat measured and I was at 13.9% body fat with a weight of 83kg.

The goal is to bulk up to around 89kg and then strip down the body fat to hold at around 85-86kg.

If it is possible to build up to 0.9kg of lean muscle per month, it will take around 12-18 months to develop the size and then 4-12 weeks to strip the body fat so that my body appears lean similar to that of a bodybuilder.


The costs between the two vary. This personal trainer costs $100 per session. Where as the online courses were $100 for a lifetime.

However, to get the edge, the extra investment is needed.