ON Plant-based protein review

ON Plant protein powder

I purchased the ON plant-based protein the other day to see if I could easily replace my protein supplement (whey isolate which contains eggs and milk) with a vegan supplement.

This protein powder is more expensive than the whey isolate options. But it seemed OK to try.

Why did I want to try a plant-based protein?

Everytime I consume a whey isolate, I start to feel bloated, get gassy (to the point where it smells extremely badly and is embarrassing to be around people), or it makes me want to go to the toilet.

The high-quality whey isolates that I had been taking from Athlean X (X-LR8 and ON Whey Protein Isolate) had helped me with my muscle development and recovery. I wanted to see if the plant-based protein could do something similar and that it was as enjoyable to consume as people claimed it to be.

How is the taste?

The taste is digestible, but it isn’t delicious.

I got the vanilla flavour. I can taste the pea, rice, and whatever other vegetable that’s used.

It doesn’t mix as well as the whey isolate, but it is ok.

If you want a vegan option and you can tolerate the taste, then you should go for it and use it as a supplement that will make consuming your protein intake more convenient.

How is the digestibility?

So far, the digitestibility feels much better compared to the whey isolate. No gurgling stomach or gas or bloating. And no need to run to the toilet after consuming the protein powder.

Is this something that I recommend?

If you are vegan or want something plant-based. Then yes. However, you have to expect to pay a higher price for something that doesn’t taste as nice as the other non-plant based wheys in ONs range.

I need to try the others.

I hope that this helps.

Please feel free to watch the video below.

ON Plant Protein Powder Review