No gym? Use bodyweight exercises to build your perfect physique.

Pull up exercises

Ask almost any guy what physique they want to develop and they will usually say something along the lines of wanting to have a cover model physique. But one of the excuses that comes up especially with younger guys is that they cannot afford the gym membership.

We get it. There are gyms whose membership prices are so high that you cannot justify spending the money to go there. But that shouldn’t deter you from doing any exercise. You can still do the following exercises that will help you achieve your bodybuilding goals.

Here’s a few that you should consider.


If you want to develop your chest, you cannot go past the classic pushup. You will want to get as much range of motion so that you can get deep into the muscle fibres and really work the muscle. If you want your chest to protrude, you want to develop as much of the upper pectoral as possible. This means you should do decline bench press to target that area of the muscle.

If you do lateral bench press, it will develop your chest and also the width of your chest.

Doing incline bench press will work the lower pec, but if you solely work on this muscle, you will look like you have breasts. So it is important that you work out all areas of the muscle.

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How many pushups do you need to do to start seeing results?

This depends, but if you can work your way above 50 repetitions, you should start to notice changes to your chest. The great thing about this type of workout is that it can be done quickly and easily, as long as you have some space to do your workout. So you may only need to allocate 10 minutes to complete all of your repetitions.


This is an incredible exercise that works out several areas of your body at once. Expect to develop your back width and biceps with this workout.

You can look for a horizontal bar that you can use to do your exercises.

The movement is simple. Pull your body weight up to the point where your chin is parallel with the bar and then come down again in the movement. Repeat this movement several times.

You want to be able to do enough repetitions until failure.

This exercise is quite difficult to do in the beginning. So you will find that you won’t be able to do much at first. But as your body becomes stronger, you will be able to do more, and develop more muscle.

Initially, aim to do at least three sets of ten repetitions.


You can actually use a sturdy table to do this. Simply go under the table and lie facing up towards the table. Grab the sides of the table and pull your body upwards. Repeat this exercise for at least three sets of ten repetitions.


If you want to increase your core strength and stability, as well as develop your leg muscles (from your glutes to your hamstrings, quads and calves), you cannot go past the squat exercise. You can get results with your bodyweight, although you will get more superior results by adding more resistance weight.

Simply stand with your legs shoulder-width apart and squat to a depth where your glutes are at least parallel to your knees. You can even go for a deeper squat, but ensure that the movement is controlled and that tension remains on the muscle.

Do this movement for at least ten repetitions. Then repeat for at least three sets.


Dips are a great exercise, especially when you are finishing off your chest workout and you want to see that extra pump in you muscles. You can do dips until failure. Arnold Schwarzenegger used to finish with 50 repetitions at the end of his chest workout.

Calf raise

Find a step and place the ball of your foot on the edge while raising the other foot up so it isn’t touching the ground. You want to use your calf muscle to push your body up against gravity. The calf muscle is one of the most difficult t grow, so you will be doing at least 20 repetitions for this exercise.

Leg press (Step-ups)

You can do the equivalent of the leg press exercise by doing step ups. Simply find a step or a bench and place one foot on top of the bench. You will power up with the leg, activating the inner thigh, quadricep and glute muscles. You can do a set of 10-15 and then swap legs.


Work out the top core of your abs by doing situps/crunches. Do as many as you can until failure. But initially set a target of three sets of ten repetitions.

Leg raises

If you want to get the V cuts in your abs, you have to do hanging leg raises. Simply find a horizontal bar that you can hang from and raise your legs to a 90-degree angle for at least three sets of 10 repetitions.

Knee raises

If you want your abs to stand out, you have to do knee raises to work out your lower abs. Do three sets of ten repetitions.

Are there any other bodyweight exercises that you feel should be on here? Let us know in the comments below.