New personal weight loss record – 75.1kg.

I’m happy to see that my weight loss progression is still going. I managed to get down to 75.1kg, which is the lightest that I have been since I was 23 years old in South Korea back in 2006. (13 years ago)

I was a bit discouraged when I saw my weight go up last week. But I do know that I didn’t keep my diet and nutrition in check. (Click here to see my previous post.)

I focused on it alot more and even though I said that I would eliminate starchy carbs from my diet, I didn’t. But, my weight loss still occurred and that was encouraging.

I can definitely say that sticking to a cleaner diet does help alot. The second thing is the exercises that I am doing with the Max Shred program are getting more intense.

I am finding that I am getting stronger and breaking through my workout plateaus. My muscle’s time under tension is increasing, which is triggering more fat loss.

I have also noticed that my body’s muscle to fat ratio is changing alot.

Jeff Cavaliere from Athlean X says that more muscle composition will contribute to increased fat loss. Based on my personal results, I do agree since I am still losing body fat despite adding more carbs into my diet.

Here are a few links that discuss the theory.

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Metabolism article (University of New Mexico)

Calories burned by muscle vs. fat: another myth bites the dust

It also makes me think about the diets that are being promoted.

I’m not someone that wants to be “debunking the diet myths”, however I’ve been seeing my fat loss results as a result of consuming the right nutrition and doing the right type of fitness exercises.

Diets like Atkins, Paleo, Keto and Intermittent Fasting can all have an impact. But I don’t totally agree with eliminating carbs from your diet in order to see results.

My data from the Easy Diet App diary does show that I consume anywhere from 60-120g of carbs in a day. Compare that to Atkins or Keto, where less than 60g of carbs should be consumed.

All I’m saying is that I am still seeing results whilst consuming the right nutrition.

What’s next for me?

I still want to decrease my body fat. However, I am focusing on using skin caliper measurements for a more accurate reading. I would like to get below 75kg and ideally get to 16kg down.

I am in week 6 of Max Shred and still have another 6 weeks to go before I start the Max Size program.

Looking forward to the next stage of my journey.