My 1st attempt at the Black Widow – Max Shred

Today, I was humbled by the Black Widow workout in the Max Shred program from Athlean X. It’s actually the first time I’ve attempted to do a workout and I wasn’t able to complete the sets. It actually had me thinking if it was even possible.

I did the workout rounds with 60 seconds rest in between each round, but my muscles were gone after the first set of pushups. And for that, I couldn’t even last the full minute.

What did the Black Widow workout consist of?

It contains rounds of pushups, renegade rows, twisting pistons, alternating floor jacks and man makers.

I was thinking that it was a joke by the time I got to the man makers. I was supposed to complete a set of 10, but I couldn’t do it.

Take a look at how one of the rounds looks like when it is completed properly.

Thank you Christopher Fernando for showing us how it is done (lol!)

Check out his site and YouTube channel.

How can I improve going forward?

I think I will need to improve my mental focus and discipline for a start. It was mentally tough.

Secondly, I think the weights that I started with were too high, so I need to find out my accurate 10-12 weight max. I started with 15kg and eventually went down to 6kg.

For the man makers, I could barely lift my body. I may need to go slower and just make sure that I complete the rep range.

If you are someone that has done the workout, it would be great to get more insight on any strategies that you have used?

Thanks for reading.

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