Low-carb snack ideas that you can subtly consume at the office.

You want to be a lean, mean, carved-up machine. But you still want to fulfil your duties whilst working in the office and not upset any managers or work colleagues with the things that you need to eat throughout the day, especially if it is outside of your lunchtime. So how can you make sure that you are fuelling your body with the right food items, without drawing unnecessary looks from coworkers? Here are a few simple snack ideas that will allow you to consume low carbs and protein, without disrupting the office.

Low Carb Snacks (Less than 100 Calories)

Cucumber sticks

Cut up cucumber sticks and carry them in a container. They are easy to snack on and a full cucumber should give you the energy you need to perform, whilst keeping your calorie intake low. They can be eaten subtly at your desk on whilst you are on a short break.

Carrot sticks

Chop up carrots into sticks and carry in a container. Snack on these when you get a chance.

Berry bowl

Carry a mix of strawberries, blueberries or raspberries that you can snack on.

Piece of fruit.

There are some fruits that are low in calories that you can snack on. Make sure to check the nutritional composition before consuming.

Protein snacks

Cold chicken kebab sticks

Cook diced chicken and then place them on a kebab stick. Carry them to your office and snack on them to get enough protein. Add low-calorie vegetables like zucchini, tomatoes or capsicum for added flavour.

Cold chicken strips

Cook chicken breast pieces and slice them into snackable strips. Simply snack on them when you feel peckish.

Cold beef strips

Similar to above. Cook the beef and then slice into quick finger snacks.

Filled egg white cups

Boil eggs and slice in half. Remove the yolk and replace with a relish, chutney or salsa. Snack on them for morning tea.

Cold chicken drumstick.

If you like your chicken, simply carry a cold chicken drumstick that you can consume.

Protein shake.

You can easily have a quick protein shake to break your fast and up your protein intake. Consume with water or with milk, as per your macros and calorie intake.

You will probably need to consume a few snacks during your working day. You could easily have one just before starting your working day, one mid-morning and one late afternoon.

If you need to break your fast, you can also drink black coffee, tea or water as well.

Are there some others that you would like to see on this list? Leave them in the comments below.