Low carb lunch (Chicken & Vegetable meal prep ideas)

One of the things that’s allowed me to lose fat and weight over the past couple weeks is preparing my meals in advance. And this is very noticeable in my lunches. During the day, we get hungry and will look for the closest thing to eat. And to be honest, where I live, there aren’t alot of healthy options available. And the ones that are available are either quite expensive or they aren’t very tasty.

So in this post, I will share a few meal prep recipes that are easy to prepare and to consume.

Chicken drumsticks

Calories – 281 Calories

Protein – 23.9g

Carbs – 16.7g

I like to roast my chicken drumsticks in the oven. Although this could also be done in the saucepan or electric cooker. I usually do 10 at a time and eat 1-2 per day. It’s an easy snack that I can have over 5-10 meals. I can also eat it as finger food or as a part of my lunch.

I will usually season the chicken for flavour. Or I will make sure that I will stew the chicken drumstick with vegetables like onions and tomatoes.

I can put this in the oven for 2 hours on the weekend. If you have several trays, you can bake 20 or 30. You can then freeze the meals and then consume them when you are ready like an instant-ready meal.

Seasoned Chicken Breast.

Portion size – 1 cup

Calories – 286

Protein – 37.6g

Carbs – 21.4g

If I can find them on special, I will get a few kilograms of chicken breast and I will cook enough for several meals. I have been able to get chicken breast for as low as $8/kg.

To cook it quickly and easily, I add 5-10mL of coconut oil to the frying pan. I have the chicken diced and seasoned for flavour. I then cook until it is ready.

I will aim to eat 1 cup of chicken breast per meal.

Stewed cabbage

Portion size – 128g

Calories – 29g

Protein – 1.7g

Carbs – 3.7g

I like eating vegetables that are cooked and that pack a punch with flavour. So I will boil cabbage and I will then add seasoning to the mix. It is usually a combination of salt, pepper, herbs and curry. I will usually add any stock/juice from the cooked chicken to give the cabbage more flavour.

I can add other vegetables to the mix as well, such as carrots or Zucchini.

This can be prepared and ready in less than 10 mins.

You can make a big batch and then split it into lunch containers, along with the chicken that you have cooked.

The good thing about these meals is that they are tasty, whether you serve them hot or cold.

You can prepare all of this in 2-3h on the weekend and have your lunch prepared for the week.

If there are some other ideas that you think should be added, please let us know in the comments.

Thanks for reading.