Lifting straps

Lifting straps

There are mixed feelings about lifting straps. However, it depends on the type of training that you are doing and what you want to accomplish from your training.

In short, lifting straps will help you to hold more weight if your grip strength is lacking.

You will find that most people that use lifting straps for their weight training will use them for lifting movements such as the deadlift, so they can pull more weight.

Or you will find them being used for hanging exercises such as pull-ups or chin-ups.

How much more can you lift with lifting straps?

You should be able to lift 20-30% more with lifting straps. (Source)

Should you use lifting straps as a part of your training?

If you are trying to develop more strength in different muscle groups such as your back for deadlifts, then using lifting straps will allow you to transfer the weight to other muscle groups and you will be able to lift more without having to focus on maintaining your grip strength to complete the exercise.

So as an example, if you wanted to develop the strength and power in your lats, quads, and hip flexors, you could opt for lifting straps to give you the extra resistance weight that’s needed to develop your overall strength and power.

How much are lifting straps?

You can purchase lifting straps from $8-30 on average. You want to invest in quality straps that are durable for your use at the gym.

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How can you use the lifting straps?

You can watch the demonstration in the video below.

Prioritize developing your grip strength.

As good as lifting straps are, you will benefit more with your training by developing your overall grip strength.

You can do the following exercises to help develop your grip strength.

  • Pull-up hangs until you lose your grip.
  • Dumbbell holds until you lose your grip.
  • Barbell holds until you lose your grip.

Check out this thread for grip strength tips.

Will using things like chalk help with grip strength?

It will add more friction to your hands to minimize slipping. This will help improve your grip strength so that you can do a higher-quality workout.

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