I’ve lost 16kg in 6.5 months

It is Sunday April 21st and I set a new personal record with my weight loss this week. I weighed myself this morning and I was 74.5kg.

The last blog I posted, I was 74.8kg. I had actually gone up to 75.8kg because I had eaten pizza and carbs the week before.

Here is a transition of my body since I started my fat loss transformation.

And here is a side shot.

I have only recently started tracking my body fat percentage, but at the moment it is sitting between 10-14% with the skinfold caliper fat test at my hips. But it is between 16-20% around my gut area.

I have noticed that my body is sensitive when I consume the wrong diet. (That is having cheat meals or consuming starchy carbs.)

I was actually expecting my weight to go up because when I look in the mirror, it looks like areas of my body are getting bigger. I can see muscle development in my shoulders, arms, and pectorals. It could also be the illusion of me developing lean muscle and getting rid of my body fat.

In the week, I noticed that I was eating more and I was much hungrier than usual. So instead of consuming 1400-1600 calories a day, I felt that I was consuming around 2000 calories a day.

I did make an effort to prioritise my macros so that they were more protein-focused and that I would consume non-starchy carbs. (The previous week, I treated myself to 2 pizzas, which contributed to my weight gain).

I am doing the fitness program by Athlean X called Inferno Max Shred. It is a program designed to lose body fat and to get lean. I do admit that my body has become more lean since I started doing the program.

I am in the final phase of the program, which will lead to the next program Max Size. The program is weights focused and contains reps with short intervals.

I have been surprised by the program. I am doing reps of 8 with 60 seconds rest, but it is triggering fat burn and muscle and strength gains. For example, I successfully did my first deadlift at 100kg (accidentally), 100kg reps for squats, and 35kg reps for dumbbell incline press.

I do feel that I will get progressively stronger and this will continue to change my physique.

In the past, I gained my maximum volume size by doing 6-8 reps on the incline bench at 45kg. I do recall that doing 40kg+ developed a nice look for my shoulders and upper chest. So I’m excited to see how the strength gains will impact my body’s development.

At the same time, when I was an athlete, I could only squat 100kg with very bad form. I successfully did reps of 8 with the form that I was supposed to have.

I know that my brother who is also an athlete recently did reps at 200kg. I think I can set that as a long-term strength goal.

My body fat is quite low and people are noticing the difference in my physical appearance. I do have a bit of loose skin. I will say that it is still difficult to lose the fat around the gut area, which is still around 20% body fat.

I will be doing another post that will track my body fat percentage, which I think will be a more accurate measurement for me going forward. As well as the transformation photos.

I will keep you updated on my progress with Max Shred and I will do a final roundup before starting Max Size.