I’ve lost 15 kg in 19 weeks!

15kg fat loss (Before and after)

Today marks another milestone for me in my fat and weight loss regime. My bodyweight went under 76kg for the first time in more than a decade. I think the last time I was under 76kg, I was doing high jump in London in 2008.

I’d noticed that my weight had gone up a bit last week as I became a bit too relaxed with my diet. So I prioritised eating salads and clean meals again this week.

Also, the Athlean X Max Shred program stepped up a notch this week. I mentioned how I attempted the Black Widow workout, which broke me. I also attempted some other workouts at the fire alarm level 4, however I had to roll back to level 3 as I wasn’t able to complete the exercise in the timeframe as the intensity was too difficult for me.

I can say that I seem to be making decent progress at Fire Alarm level 3. However, I do want to reach Fire Alarm level 4 as soon as possible. And if it is possible, get to Fire alarm level 5 so I can maintain a low body fat percentage.

What has been working for me?

Again, I stress the importance of nutrition. This week, I actually introduced sweet potato into my diet as I saw them on special for 29 cents a kilogram. The calories are more than what you will get with starchy carbs, but it seems to be lean calories (if that is even a phrase). And I think they also serve as a good energy source.

Sweet potato
Sweet potato

Prioritising leafy greens for fat and weight loss.

Fibrous carbohydrates
Fibrous carbohydrates

This seems to be the best thing for my weight loss. I continue to make lettuce or cucumber heavy salads, with a mix of carrots, red onion and a few olives for taste.

I am eating more chicken breast.

Chicken breast fillet meal
Chicken breast fillet meal

I made another post that compares chicken breast to chicken drumsticks. I am going to prioritise eating chicken breast as it is a leaner meat. I can eat more of the meat and consume far few calories compared to other foods.

Doing the right exercise to trigger fat loss.

Fat loss
Fat loss

This is something that is great. I still don’t understand exactly how the program has been structured. However, it seems to keep the muscles under tension for a good amount of time.

Something that is surprising about the workouts is that I don’t do any cardio at all. The only cardio that I do is some running for touch rugby. And that might be for 30-40 minutes in a game. But none of my gym sessions involve any cardio. And even if a warm-up is done, it is only encouraged for 2-3 mins max.

So it has been interesting for me to see the impact that this type of training has when it comes to burning fat.

I’m also measuring my fat loss success in terms of body fat percentage.

Since I’m focusing on losing body fat and not weight anymore, I am measuring the fat deposits around different areas of my body using body fat calipers.

I measured the following.

Area on the bodyBody fat percentage (%)
Lower stomach/gut23
Body fat measurement data

I will let you know how I progress in the future.

Thanks for reading!

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