I’ve lost 13.5kg in 15 weeks!

This is an exciting post for me to write because I’ve been fortunate to lose 13.5kg since I started dieting and exercising from October 7th, 2018. As of writing, the date is January 27th, 2019.

I weighed myself this morning and the scales confirmed that my weight is now 77.5kg. This is down from the initial 90.7kg when I first started.

Here are my before and after shots to date.

Before – October 7th, 2018 – 90.7kg

After – January 26th 2019 – 77.5kg

It does seem much easier now to maintain the weight loss. However, it isn’t as quick as it used to be. I think this is due to me gaining some muscle mass. The second is that I think in the beginning, there was water and fat mass that needed to be flushed out of the system. I’m not an expert in this field, so I don’t know 100%. But I do know that losing the first 5kg was the easiest and then the rest has been steady.

In this post, I’m going to provide an overview of what I have done to date. I will share as much insight as I can.

How have I been able to lose 13kg?

Diet and nutrition.

Many people are quite amazed at the progress that I’ve been able to make and they ask me how did I do it? My first reply is managing my diet and nutrition. It has now evolved into a lifestyle where I can now be more cautious about what I eat and consume in moderation.

The key thing that I’ve found is knowing what to eat; and then consuming things in the right amounts.

You can take a look at a screenshot of data from my Easy Diet Diary app.

Below are a few things that I would suggest.

Measure what you are consuming.

You can’t manage what you don’t track. And it’s likely that people are putting on weight and body fat because they don’t realise how their body works and how what they are consuming is affecting their body fat and weight loss.

So the first step I’d recommend people to take is to buy some scales where you can weigh the food and drinks that you are consuming; and then record it in an app like Easy Diet Diary (This is the one that I use) or MyFitnessPal.

Jeff Caveleire says in his training program that you don’t need to measure out what you are consuming. And this is true. However, I can say from my experience, measuring and recording the items that I’m consuming makes a huge impact in terms of planning meals. And especially tracking the calories that you are consuming and burning.

Just to give you a bit of additional context. I followed a calorie deficit diet in the past and didn’t account for having a lower amount of normal movement calories burned throughout the day. This caused me to miscalculate. Additionally, I didn’t count the calories from things such as milk and sugar that I was having in my coffee at the time. And consuming a large amount of eggs and fruits in the morning thinking that it was a healthy breakfast. (Which it was, but it blew out my calorie intake by midday!).

Seeing the actual data of what you consume and how it impacts your body’s transformation will make an impact in my opinion. So if you want to start losing weight, start tracking what you are eating.

Don’t consume a diet where it is a struggle.

I’ll be honest. I have no intention of consuming food or drinks that I don’t find delicious. So I make sure that I create meals that I absolutely love. That way, I don’t find it difficult to consume or to stick to the diet.

I did trial and error with some meals in the beginning. But now, I’ve been able to get a meal plan that I enjoy. A typical daily meal plan for me at the moment is the following.


Smoothie Bowl (Chocolate protein shake, 50g banana, 50g strawberries, 130mL coconut milk) served on top of oats cooked in water (100g).


Chicken breast (150g)

Edamame (100g)


Lean mince (150g)

Salad (150g)


Roast beef (150g)

Salad (150g)

Protein shake smoothie (50g banana, 50g strawberries, 130g Coconut milk, 1 scoop of Chocolate protein powder)

Every time I eat, I feel full. If I don’t feel full, I will consume more protein or fibrous carbs to feel full.

Generally, I feel full and satisfied. And the calorie intake usually sits around 1400 calories a day, which is approximately 1000 calories lower than my estimated daily consumption threshold.

Exercise – and surprisingly, it isn’t cardio.

What I’ve found the most interesting is that alot of the weight loss that I’ve experienced hasn’t been a result of doing alot of cardio. I can tell you that the extent of my cardio has been the following.

  1. Playing touch rugby for 40-50 minutes casually on a Sunday.
  2. Playing touch rugby with my team on a Wednesday night for 40 minutes.

I haven’t done any runs. No HIIT training, no cycling…nada.

The training I have been doing is the Athlean X program by Jeff Cavaliere. I don’t know or fully understand the science behind the way that he has structured his program. But I can say that since I started doing AX 1, the results have been coming in.

The biggest surprise I’ve had with the results from his program is how the muscle triggers fat burn when the muscle is growing. And the importance of intensity and maximising the load volume on the muscle through time under tension.

To do the program, I do go to my local Goodlife gym in Fortitude Valley, which is a 24-hour gym. Having access to the weights and the equipment to do the different exercise has helped with alot of the muscle-specific workouts that’s required in the program.

What is my physical activity like?

I go to the gym for less than an hour a day. Recently, I have been going in the morning and completing my session based on the AX 1 program. Sessions tend to range from 20-40 minutes, depending on what Jeff has planned into the session for that day.

The exercises consist of short rest periods. So a rest period will typically be 30-60 seconds before doing the next set with intensity. He has also structured the program to work complementary muscle groups. This allows different muscles to rest for up to 48h, which allows me to train 6 days a week.

Like most people, I am busy. However, the fact that this program condenses the training into less than an hour a day and has been able to trigger the physical results that I’ve been after is fantastic!

Can you do extra cardio?

You can if you have the energy to. At the beginning of the program, I did. However, now that the program has become so much more intense, I simply don’t have the energy after I finish my session and I typically need the rest time to recover in time for the following session.

I’ve been able to simplify alot of my routine so it is a part of my lifestyle nowadays. It helps that I prepare the meals in advance and that the exercise is 1h or less per day.

Next week will be 4 months from when I first started my weight loss journey. I will aim to do another update.

I will also be finishing my AX1 training program in the next 3 weeks and I will move onto Max Shred to lose those extra bits of fat on my body.

Thank you for reading and your encouragement.

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