Intermittent fasting vs calorie deficit – My thoughts.

I’ve successfully reduced my weight and my body fat over the past 7 months through a calorie deficit nutrition. What I like about this approach is that it gives me the flexibility to consume meals at all hours of the day, but being aware of what I am consuming.

Rather than blindly consuming (which is what I did before), I can identify which foods should make-up my calorie surplus or deficit for the day or even for the week ahead.

In the last week of Max Shred, I switched to fibrous carbs to force my body to use the fat stores as an energy source. The following week, I treated myself to a pizza.

Intermittent fasting is a popular craze at the moment. I have friends that are doing it and I wanted to share my thoughts on it as I personally feel like it works, but it doesn’t provide people with the lifestyle flexibility. That being said, if it works for them, they should continue doing it.

What are the limitations with intermittent fasting?

You will only be able t consume meals within a certain timeframe. This forces the body to starve throughout the other hours. So for example, you may eat breakfast and lunch, but then you won’t have any dinner. It is common for people to consume within a 6-8h timeframe. Then fast for the remaining hours of the day.

This forces people to reduce the amount of calories that they would normally consume. However, people still consume without paying attention to the calories that they are consuming.

Additionally, it impacts their lifestyle. So if you want a lifestyle where you can have dinner or even late night drinks, that ends up being eliminated due to requirements with intermittent fasting.

It is fine if that is a lifestyle that you want to pursue. But if not, there are alternatives.

Calorie deficit nutrition and lifestyle.

I did this successfully and I was quite aggressive with my approach. However, you can be conservative and still get results and have a well-balanced lifestyle. You need to be aware of the calories and macros that you are consuming.

My strategy was a 1000 calorie deficit per week, which allowed me to lose around 1kg of fat per week. But I could opt to cut back to 0.5kg or even neutral if I wanted to have cheat meals.

What I find with this approach is that you can eat during all hours of the day. So if I was really hungry, I could consume 200-400g of cucumber or salad for my meal. And this would satisfy my hunger whilst only adding minimal carbs to my nutrition.

I also know how to manipulate my weight. So if I want to lose weight or fat fast, I can just eliminate starchy carbs and keep an eye on my macros so that carbs are less than 100g/day and that protein is upwards of 160g a day.