I lost 17.4kg in 7 months. (My fat loss transformation)

I can say that it has been an incredible journey over the past 7 months and I am really happy that I was able to surpass my physical goal. I weighed myself on the 5th of May and the scales read 73.3kg.

This is the lightest weight that I have been since I was 23, which was 13 years ago. But my physique is more in line with what I wanted to achieve from 23-36.

I am lighter, faster, agile, and feel healthier overall. If you had asked me how my body felt 2 years ago, I would have said unhealthy and pretty immobile.

There is a saying “You are as young as you feel”. I do believe that is the case in regards to health.

Below, I have shared photos, stats, and charts of my fat loss progress from 7th October 2018-5th May 2019.

What are some of the things that I’ve learned on this journey?

I learned to follow a proven strategy.

I’ve completed 2 programs from Athlean X and they work. Even as a former track and field athlete, I have learned and develop physical abilities that I didn’t expect to get in my 30s.

I learned to keep myself accountable.

This has been one of the major keys to my success, especially in regards to diet. I made excuses all the time. When you stop making excuses and just do the job and hold yourself accountable for the outcome, that’s where you see success or failure.

I noticed this alot with my diet. If I became too relaxed or ate the wrong thing, I gained weight. In the last week, I was strict with not eating starchy carbs and improving the intensity of my workout. I lost over 1kg because of this focus.

I pay attention to what I consume.

It is easy to destroy what you’ve achieved if you don’t pay attention to what you consume. All of the hard work that you do in the gym and with your diet can be undone simply by eating one whole pizza or a take-away meal. It is important to understand the impact of what you are consuming in relation to your fitness and physical goals.

I have also learned to control my fat loss with fibrous carbs.

I know that if I need to lose fat, I can just replace starchy carbs with fibrous carbs. So eating lettuce or cucumber sticks makes it easy to lose fat. I’ve found it easier if I can consume 200-300g of cucumber or lettuce in a meal.

What’s next?

My original goal was to get down to under 80kg. And then to hold my body weight under 75kg. I do still have body fat lurking around my gut area (approximately 15%), but it isn’t too bad as the rest of my body is quite lean at around 10% body fat, which has been a goal of mine since I was 23 years old.

The next step for me is to gain quality muscle mass. So I will start the Inferno Max Size program, which will hopefully add 5-6kg of quality muscle on my body.

Depending on the results, I will decide if I will do the program once or twice. The other program that I have my sights on afterwards is Beaxst.

My thinking is that another 6kg of muscle would take me to 80kg, which would allow me to look lean, but muscular. But another 6kg of muscle on top would allow me to have a similar frame Henry Cavill, who is the actor that played Superman.

For now, I will aim for 6kg of quality muscle gain.

I will monitor my progress on this blog. If everything goes well, I will be able to build 2kg of muscle per month.

Thank you for supporting my journey.