I failed Operation Monster Mayhem in Beaxst.

When I was originally considering what program to do after I finished 2 rounds of Max Size, I was guided towards the Beaxst program from Athlean X.

I’ll start off by saying this first.

I failed the Operation Monster Mayhem challenge on Total Beaxst mode.

This failure really annoyed me. We were given two choices. Start the program again and improve over the 6 weeks to have the opportunity to pass the test again.

The reason why I am annoyed is I wasn’t aware of the strength and power levels required to pass the tests. So if you are unable to complete some of the exercises (traditional lifts) at 1.2-2.25 times your body weight, there is a good chance that you will fail the challenge.

In my case, I’ve been recovering from a leg injury. So had I been aware of the requirements, I probably would have redone Max Size in order to gain the strength required for the Beaxst program.

Or continue the program, but go down a level.

I decided to restart the program. (I am doing the program on Total Beaxst mode).

Why did I decide to restart the program?

I was thinking whether to go back to size or to stick with Beaxst. I figured that I can continue with Beaxst to get the strength gains that I’m after. I should eventually pass, but I’ve had to shift my expectations and my approach towards training.

2 times my bodyweight at this stage seems like a very, very big ask…even to the point of it seeming unrealistic.

But I will try to do what I can over a 6 week period.

With my weight at 82kg at the moment, I need to be able to achieve the following benchmarks.

Bench press143.5kg

These are very aggressive targets to achieve. When I failed the test, I managed to deadlift 100kg 60 times. I bench pressed 95kg 20 times. And I couldn’t lift 100kg as I was concerned that my back would go out.

Each of the exercises that I did accounted for 1 point per rep. I needed to get 160 reps to pass. And I wasn’t able to even get close, since my final score was 80.

So now I must overload my muscles progressively so that I can achieve these weight goals in the next 6 weeks. Should I hit these strength goals, the points system will be 10 points per rep. And in theory, I would only need to get 16 reps to pass.

I have a few goals that I would like to achieve.

I would like to gain as much lean muscle as possible.

But I do want to maintain as much conditioning as possible. This was challenging to do with the Max Size program since it focused solely on building lean and quality muscle over a 3 month period. Over the 6 months that I did the program, I managed to add an estimated 1kg of muscle per month. Beaxst is a power program that promises to get you more athletic and powerful, but to expect some muscle gains. But nothing to the likes of what you would expect from the Max Size program, which is fair enough.

Starting the program, my body weight was at 81kg and I aspired to maintain a lean, muscular frame between 85-90kg.

I would like to be as athletic as possible.

I was a former track and field athlete during my teens and in my early twenties. The Beaxst program promises you to explosive gains that will see you improve your power.

My goal was to become more powerful and athletic once I had hit my weight goal. But you need to change the training between the muscles either after 6 months or 9 months because the muscles get used to the movements.

I will continue to train with the program and I will share a future update on my progression.

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