How to bulk up calf muscles

The calf muscles are one of the most difficult muscle groups to grow on the body. You can develop them into aesthetically-pleasing muscles. However, to force them to grow, you will need to work them in great volume.

What makes up the calf muscles?

The calves consist of two muscles — the gastrocnemius and the soleus.

Why is it difficult to get calf muscles to grow?

Calf muscles are one of the most used muscle groups on the body. So they can withstand alot of resistance and tension.

What do I need to consider to grow my calf muscles?


First and foremost, your body’s nutrition must provide enough energy for the calf muscles to work hard, and also enough protein for the calf muscles to repair themselves after the calf workout has been conducted.

Resistance training to grow your calf muscles.

You will need to focus on exercises that involve pressing movements for the calves.

These exercises will consist of the following.

  • Standing calf raises
  • Calf press
  • Dumbbell calf press
  • Seated calf raises

You will need to do a high volume of reps to force the calf muscles to grow. This will usually consist of 15-30 reps.

It’s important that you concentrate on the range of motion to keep the muscle under tension. Don’t bounce the weights up and down. Focus on 1-2 seconds up to full extension and pause, and then 1-2 seconds down and pause.

At the end of the reps, let the weight stretch your calf muscles for 5 seconds and then rest.

You can also check out this calf raise workout video from