How to bulk up but lose stomach fat

In most cases, it isn’t possible to bulk up and lose stomach fat at the same time. This is because when you are bulking, you need to ensure that your muscles are receiving the right amount of nutrients to fuel the muscles.

This usually results in the consumption of a calorie surplus with the person’s diet.

However, if the person was to maintain a calorie neutral or even calorie deficit, then they would experience a consistent loss in body fat.

What is the best way to bulk up and lose body fat at the same time?

Recomposition training

You will need to engage in recomposition training, which will have you focus on developing your muscle growth.

The more lean muscle your body has, the easier it will be for your body to burn fat. This is because the demand for energy from your body’s increase in muscle tissue will see your body burning more fat even in its rest state.

What should be your goal?

Your goal should be focusing on building as much lean muscle as possible.

As you continue to add lean muscle to your frame, your body’s recomposition should remain similar.

Aim for 1-2kg of lean muscle growth per month.

Measure your body’s fat percentage.

You will want to stop your body fat from increasing. Check the macros of your diet and focus on consuming proteins to fuel your muscle growth. Minimize consuming fats and too many carbs that will store as fat deposits on your body.

Engage in cardio activities.

You can participate in cardio activity that can help you minimize your body fat. Consider participating in social sports, or engaging in 30-40 mins of cardio a day.

What outcome should you expect?

Your body should start to appear more muscular and you should start to appear more lean. You won’t look like a bodybuilder, but the progress should be noticeable.