How I lost 14kg in 4 months (16 weeks)!

I’m going to start off this post by saying that I feel really blessed. I feel great and I am the most athletic that I have been since 2008. I can move around easier, I feel like I have more energy, and positive things seem to be going into other areas of my life simply because I’ve been able to commit to my weight and fat loss goals.

Many people would say this type of journey is hard. I’m the opposite. I’ve actually enjoyed the journey and I look forward to what I am going to consume or how I am going to exercise.

One of the reasons I feel like I’ve been able to succeed with this is because I’ve been able to incorporate it into my lifestyle. And it is a lifestyle that I enjoy.

There are a few things that I learned in the last week that I think you can incorporate into your weight loss and nutrition program.

My before picture – October 7th 2018

After picture – February 10th 2019

Here’s some more pictures that I took (February 12th 2019) showing the weight and fat loss in the jeans that I bought in July last year.


I know I say this in every post, but managing your nutrition is the most important. There was one week where I was a bit more relaxed with what I was consuming and I ended up putting on 500g. Even though I was still eating pretty healthy, I was consuming more calories than I was burning, which led to the increase in weight.

I had started to add starchy carbs into my diet. The following week, I removed starchy carbs from all of my meals except for breakfast, where I have 100g of rolled oats.

I also focused on eating lean protein meats with large salads. This made a huge impact on my weight loss. This allowed me to lose 1kg in one week.

Tip – Increase your food intake with leafy salads.

What I did was I increased my salad mix to at least 200g per serving. This kept me full as long as I ate it with protein (which was usually lean mince, chicken breast, chicken drumsticks or tempeh).

If I still felt hungry, I would add more to the protein source. Fortunately, they had some Chobani Yoghurt on special, so I would add a 176g serving as a dessert. These ones were flavoured as well. They do have a bit of added sugar, but it isn’t too much.

Another thing that I did was I changed the timings of my meals. So before, I was eating 5 meals a day roughly 2 hours apart. I’d noticed that I would get the bulk of my energy later in the day. So I experimented and started to bulk my meals earlier to see if my mental and physical energy would peak earlier. And I’ve noticed that it has.

So I would usually have my breakfast at 7am. Followed by my main lunch between 10:30-12pm.

I have found that I can get by on water until 3-5pm, where I can add another snack or shake before having dinner between 6-7:30pm.

Measuring my calories and macros.

For me, I have to measure my calorie intake, output and macro split. Because I work from home and in an office setting, it is much easier for me to put on weight and fat because I am not as mobile as the regular person.

I personally feel there are many more benefits to tracking your calories, but it should be done in a simple way. So the way that I do it is by using the Easy Diet App. I can dedicate no more than 5 minutes of my day to tracking what goes in and out of my body.

Below are some screenshots from my diary.


My exercise has consisted of doing the AX1 program and playing social touch rugby. Progressive overload exercises, working out with increasing intensity, and minimising rest breaks to maximise the “Time under tension” has made the biggest impact to my weight loss and fitness progression.

I’ve not done much cardio in my training. It reminds me of when I was an athlete in school as we did intense workouts and always remained lean. But I never did specific cardio workouts to remain lean.

Tomorrow, I will finish AX 1 and then I will progress to Max Shred to burn as much fat as possible over the next 3 months. I have my new goal of being 75kg lean. I will burn as much fat as possible before starting Max Gain.

Thanks for reading.

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