How I lost 10kg in 10 weeks!

This is one of the most exciting posts that I’ve written because I was able to achieve my weight loss and fat loss goals. I had set a goal that I would initially lose 10kg as quickly as I can from my body.

  • I started my diet and exercise regime on October 7th 2018. I weighed 90.7kg.
  • On the 16th of December 2018, I weighed 80.5kg.
  • I lost 10.2kg in body fat.
  • *Update – 21st December, my weight was 79.8kg. I’d lost 10.9kg.

What did I learn from this experience?

The right diet and nutrition accounted for at least 80% of my results.

I cannot stress this enough and any good trainer will tell you that you cannot outwork a bad diet. I maintained a disciplined approach to diet and nutrition. I measured my portions, researched and prepared the types of meals that I should consume.

To make it easy, I learned how to cook and prepare meals that I would enjoy.

Minimising starchy carbs and replacing them with fibrous carbs was a game-changer. Consuming lean meats and proteins as well and knowing how to eliminate the wrong kinds of fats from my diet also played a huge role in my weight and fat loss.

The first thing is I didn’t realise how much body fat I was carrying. I was (and still am) skinny fat. I think one of the biggest problems with fat is that there is alot of fat that not showing externally. I do believe that I managed to lose alot of the internal fat in my body.

I lost fat around my glutes, waist and chest.

I didn’t realise how much fat was in those areas. It wasn’t until I did a fat-pinch test that I realised that alot of the fat deposits were sitting on top of those muscle groups.

I did notice that the fat that was in my chest seemed to disappear quicker. However, the fat that is around my hips and waist seems more difficult to lose.

Committing to a cardio or exercise session each day did make a difference.

I noticed that in the weeks where I did some form of exercise for more than 20 minutes, I was able to get better results with my weight loss. I use an Apple watch to track the amount of exercise that I do each day. Ideally, I will track the calories burned so I can factor this into my diet.

I work on a computer in an office, so it is very easy to not be mobile. I have found that adding around 30-40 mins of intense cardio did help with fat loss and the afterburn effect.

As I got lighter, I got fitter and could do more.

This is a big deal. In my past life, I was an athlete that had a light frame. When I started, I was 90.7kg and could barely move and would keep on getting injuries.

It is important to build up the fitness over time. I could not run when I first started. So I made the commitment to do something everyday and to build up my fitness to the point where I could do an activity easily. These included:

  • Walking up the stair climb machine
  • Short runs or walks (10-20 mins)
  • Cycle machine
  • Cross trainer

I tracked and measured everything.

I use the Easy Diet app to track my progress. What I eat and what I consume. I also sync what I can with the health data on my Apple watch and devices.

  • For doing intense workouts to burn fat, I aimed to get my heart rate greater than 140 bpm.
  • For cardio sessions, I would aim to do at least 20 minutes or more per day.
  • I would consume 1400 calories a day, creating an estimated 1000 calorie deficit.

This approach allowed me to lose approximately 1kg per week.

I did have a week where I injured my back, so I was out for 5 days with no activity or movement. I still maintained my diet and lost 200g that week.

It is important to be patient!

This is another crucial key. People want to see results overnight. You will get results and you will get setbacks. But you need to make sure that you are on the right track. You will only get this by measuring and tracking what you are doing.

Focus on getting the results that you want in 3 months time. Then track your progress weekly or monthly. This is what I have done and the results have been great for me.

What’s next for me?

Now I need to continue losing more body fat. I am currently doing the Athlean X 1 workout with my calorie deficit and the two seem to be working well together. I am more mobile and I am stronger and fitter.

Despite losing 10kg and being 1.86cm, I still have alot of body fat around my stomach, waist and hips. I think I need to lose another 10kg of fat to have a lean frame and to maintain a healthy level of body fat for my frame.

I plan to achieve this by maintaining my calorie deficit nutrition and complete the Athlean X 1, followed by Athlean X Max Shred.

I will share more on my progress in future posts.