High protein fish

Fish is great to have as a part of your diet. But you want to know what type of fish to eat. And you want to make sure that what you are eating is delicious.

Below are a few types of fish that can be bought inexpensively (with the exception of salmon), and you can incorporate them into your meal plans.

Basa fish

22.5g protein per 100g

It is one of the cheapest fish that you can purchase in the supermarket. And it packs a punch with the amount of protein that you get with each serving. You will be able to make your money stretch with this fish.


15g protein per 100g

This is a fairly inexpensive fish to buy, but you will need to cook it with the right seasoning to give it a tasty flavour. You can cook it as a stew or curry, which you could then serve with your vegetables or starchy carb.


21g protein per 100g

In my opinion, this is one of the tastiest fish that you can get. For the price, it really packs a punch with both the taste and the protein that you will get from it.

Fry it, steam it, stew it, bake it. Add salt and spices to taste. You can’t really go wrong with this fish.


22.5g protein per 100g

It’s not the tastiest fish to eat by itself, but it can be worked into other recipes. I typically include mine in a quiche, which makes it easier to digest.

I have tried to eat it straight out of the can, but it wasn’t to my liking. If you can eat it straight out of the can, it is an easy way to get your protein source from fish.


20g protein per 100g

As I said at the start of this post, it isn’t a cheap fish to buy. However, it is delicious and very easy to cook or prepare as a sashimi dish.

You can buy a kilogram for around $25-30. In each meal, you will consume between 200-500g of the fish, so that will average $5-15 per serving. It is still cheaper than eating out at a restaurant. Plus, you will get a much bigger portion size.