Healthy office chairs

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Something that you need to be wary of is your body’s health whilst working in an office environment. It’s likely that you will be sitting for the majority of the day doing your daily tasks.

What many people don’t realise is how much the constant sitting affects their body and muscles.

In short, the muscles contract because they are in the same position for several hours in the day. If you aren’t careful, this can expose you to serious injuries in your normal lifestyle routine and also when you go back to the gym.

You need to continually check your posture to see if your seating has affected your muscles. You will typically see a pelvic tilt, which suggests that your muscles have contracted and they are pulling other muscle groups which affects your posture and the range of motion with your movements.

You want to ask your office if they can invest in a healthy office chair. Or you can choose to invest in a healthy office chair yourself.

This is the one that I use.

Ergonomic office chair (front view)
Ergonomic office chair (side view)

There are a few things that you should consider when you decide to invest in a chair.

A chair that transfers the weight to the ground and not your lower back.

The height of the chair from the ground needs to be adjustable so that the gravitational weight doesn’t go straight to your lower back and hip flexors.

Have neck support

If you are looking at a screen all day, you want to have the neck support minimize any pains or strains that you may get in your neck.

Have arm support.

You don’t want your arms to be doing additional heavy lifting throughout the day without you knowing. This will fatigue your body and it will make it more difficult for your body to recover.

The chair should be comfortable.

Ultimately, you want to feel comfortable in the chair so that your muscles feel relaxed. The more relaxed they are, the more you will be able to recover.

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