Gymshark review

Over the last couple of years, I’ve bought some Gymshark merchandise. These tend to be t-shirts, shorts, and vests.

The thing that I like about Gymshark is how they designed their activewear to really show off the defining features of the body. From a guy’s point of view, there’s things like the cut of the sleeve right above where the bicep peaks. And you can also see your chest protruding.

You are fully clothed, but it shows enough to let the imagination run wild.

The colours and the prices of the merchandise tend to be reasonable.

Gymshark’s longevity and durability

Unfortunately, there are some issues with the Gymshark clothing. Whilst the price is cheaper compared to traditional brands, the clothes colours wash out very easily. So after a few washes (which you will do if you are going to the gym regularly), the clothes will start to look dull and lackluster.

If I compare the items to my ones from Ryderwear, the vibrancy in the colour and the elasticity are still similar to when I originally bought the items. The cost is a bit more, but you get better quality along with it.

Should you by Gymshark?

If you want to look good in an item for the short-term, then go for it. But for me, they would have my business more if their items lasted longer and with better quality.