Exercise is Nourishment and not punishment.

Exercise should  Not be  Punishment

Moving your body should never be done as punishment and you do not have to earn your food. Go on with your life as usual following a routine that works for you and exercise doing things that you enjoy. This can be things like yoga, walking, hiking or maybe even dancing, just have fun while doing it.

Life is meant to be enjoyed and not to be obsessed over how many calories one takes each day, have fun with friends and family and enjoy the moment in each gathering or feast.

Right and wrong aims for training/exercise.

Exercise is good for you, but make sure you’re doing it for the right reasons. Consider the following test of sorts whether you’re reason for exercising is acceptable or not.

Acceptable Reasons to Exercise:
  • To discover the benefits of strength training
  • To see what your body is capable of doing
  • To get stronger
  • To relieve stress
  • To do something you enjoy
  • To feel good about your life
  • To improve your quality of life
  • To have fun

There are many other good reasons to move your body, but you get the idea.

Unacceptable Reasons to Exercise:
  • Punishment
  • To “earn” your meal
  • To work off a large meal
  • Because you ate too much junk
  • Because you hate how you look

If you currently work out for the wrong reasons, make it a goal to choose one of the better ones.You could workout without equipment for one .Before each workout ask, why am I doing this? Make sure it’s a good reason. Vow to no longer punish yourself with exercise.

Remember, it’s not about a few meals. Focus instead on what you can do well the additional 360+ days of the year because those matter most.

Do you know of any other ways to have real fun while working out? Tell us in the comments section below

Remember,have fun,live happy and be healthy.