Egg Whites for bodybuilding

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The benefits of egg whites for bodybuilding.

I’m currently consuming egg whites in my bodybuilding diet. The good thing about egg whites is that they contain alot of protein, without the fat and carbohydrates. If you eat the egg with the yolk, the fat content multiplies alot.

So if you want to get lean quite quickly, egg whites are the way to go.

However, the taste of egg whites isn’t appealing at all. I’m a believer in consuming things that are delicious. That way, it is easier to consume the right nutrition willingly.

With egg whites, you have an unappealing smell and taste when you cook it. And it has a slimy texture.

What is the nutritional content of egg whites?

Calories per 100g52
Protein per 100g11
Carbohydrates per 100g1
Fat per 100g0
Egg white nutrition

What is the maximum egg whites per day for bodybuilding?

If you want to a high-protein diet, then consuming egg whites is an easy solution. I find that purchasing liquid egg whites makes it easy. I aim to consume 250g of egg whites per day, which gives me 28g of protein, 1 g of fat, and 0g of fats.

Should you drink liquid egg whites?

I’ve heard of people drinking liquid egg whites straight or blending it into a protein mix. Personally, I don’t find drinking liquid egg white for bodybuilding appealing in any way. But if it works as a way to consume the egg whites, then you can drink the raw eggs for your bodybuilding.

It’s also better to make sure that you are drinking pasteurized egg whites for your bodybuilding, so that you know that what you are consuming is safe.

Egg white recipes for bodybuilding

How can you prepare egg whites?

Microwave the egg whites.

This is my preferred method because I can put the egg whites into a bowl and microwave it for 6-9 minutes. The smell isn’t great, but it turns out fluffy and can easily be consumed or even scrambled or mashed with other foods.

The other thing is it makes cleaning easy, compared to cooking it on a stove and spending time to scrub the pan.

Overall, it’s just a more convenient way to prepare the egg whites. And you can easily add spices and herbs to improve the flavour.

Egg whites in your protein shake

If you are OK with drinking raw egg whites, you can add it to your protein smoothie and blend it.

Cook the eggs on the stove.

Cook the eggs by only adding water to the pan and letting it heat, or with a slight amount of cooking oil. Cook it so that it is done in the style of a fritter or as scrambled eggs. Add vegetables and spices for flavour.

Create Macaroon snacks.

You can whip up the egg whites and place them on a baking tray.

Things that you should consider buying.

Omelette & Fritatta making electric pan

Egg white separator

Boiled egg cooker

Microwavable bowls

Non-stick frying pan

Egg cooking machine