Eat sweet potato in your diet (from 10 cents a meal!)

Sweet potato

Over the past week, I added eating sweet potato to my nutrition. I’ve been avoiding starchy carbs, but I remember seeing and hearing about the benefits of sweet potato from the book Burn the fat, feed the muscle; and a crossfit trainer.

I was a bit concerned in the beginning because I was worried that my weight loss progress might slow down by eating more starchy carbs. But it seems like these types of carbs were right for the body to digest, since I continued to lose 1kg in body mass.

In this post, I want to cover the benefits that I’ve seen with consuming sweet potato.


Firstly, the reason I bought sweet potato was because of the price. There was an awesome deal where they were selling it for 29 cents a kilogram. (I bought this from Sam Cocos in Annerley, Brisbane, Australia. They are a farmers market. I’d encourage you to find a farmers market where you can get access to similar deals.)

1 serving will be 200-250g, which means I can get 4-5 meals out of it. This takes my average serving cost to 6-8 cents per serving. This is very, very cheap!


There are 86 calories for every 100 grams of sweet potato. This is one of the better starchy carbohydrate sources. The vegetable contains several beneficial vitamins that’s great for your diet.

Nutrition facts

Nutrition factAmount per 100g
Total Fat0.1g
Saturated fat0

Easy to cook and prepare.

Not much work is needed to prepare sweet potato. I will usually just roast the sweet potato in its skin, which will make it sweet. Afterwards, it can be diced, sliced, or mashed and then served with meals.

I like to mash mine. It is then easy to scoop and measure.

You could do other things like bake them as chips or wedges and then add seasoning for taste.

You can also boil the sweet potato as well.

Should you include sweet potato in your diet?

Based on my experience with sweet potato over the last week, I would recommend prioritising sweet potato as a starchy carb in your diet. If you are a bit tight with money, this is a great option to consider.

Featured image credit: Image by Brett_Hondow on Pixabay