Daily cardio benchmark – Can you commit to 40 minutes of cardio activity per day?

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I’ve really noticed a difference in my body’s metabolism if I commit to a minimum of 40 minutes cardio activity per day. It seems like the fat loss gets triggered more and I see more impressive results. But doing the same old cardio runs aren’t always motivating to do every day. So that’s why I wanted to list a few other ways to get in 40 minutes of cardio each day.

Using a fitness tracker.

I’d recommend that you use some kind of fitness tracker. I personally use an Apple Watch 3 series. (The series 4 is also out).

The way I’ve been using it is to set my exercise/movement goals and to achieve a certain amount of calories or exercise activity per day. So if I can make sure that I’ve done 40 minutes worth of active movement through exercise, I will achieve my goal.

I do this in the following ways.

Jogging on a treadmill

I only do this at a moderate pace (7 minutes per km), which is slow but it is enough to trigger fat burn. I think a good level to remain lean is to increase the pace to 5 minutes per km, if you can sustain that pace and intensity. In terms of distance, you will look at completing 5-8km per day.

Outdoor running

This is the same as above, but you are running outdoors. Aim for a similar pace or running distance.

Playing sports that involves running.

In my case, I like to play touch rugby. I track my runs, which calculates my running distance and the amount of time that I’m moving. Ideally, I will be able to cover a similar amount of distance. However, I know that the running intensity will vary with this type of exercise. If I cannot achieve the distance, I will make sure that my body maintains the duration of the exercise activity.

In all honesty, I’d prefer to be doing an activity where I don’t feel like I am working. Hence, why I enjoy playing touch rugby. However, you can look for other sports that offer a similar amount of intensity. Some other sports include:

  • Soccer
  • Australian Rules Football
  • Basketball
  • Tennis
  • Volleyball

Are there any activities that you think should be on the list? Let us know in the comments below.