Bodybuilding poses

To win a bodybuilding competition, you need to do the ground work and develop the physique to showcase to the competition. However, you must know how to present your physique aesthetically so that the bodybuilding judges will score you favourably.

This is done through the different poses, which will highlight your muscle symmetry, muscularity, definition, separation, balance, and the overall aesthetic look of your body.

Posing will highlight what the judges are looking for.

In this post, we share insights into bodybuilding poses.

How are the bodybuilders scored by the bodybuilding judges?

Judges look for the following when scoring bodybuilders. It’s important to know this because the poses that you do in the competition will affect how you are scored in competition.

Round 1 – Symmetry

Muscle size and proportions of the body are judged using the 4 symmetry poses, or quarter turns. These are:

  • Front relaxed
  • Side pose to the right
  • Side post to the left
  • Rear relaxed

Round 2 – Muscularity

The muscle size and conditioning of the athlete must have the appearance of having low body fat. The muscularity is judged using 8 mandatory poses.

What are the mandatory bodybuilding poses?

These include:

  • Front double biceps
  • Front Lat spread
  • Side triceps
  • Side chest
  • Rear double biceps
  • Rear lat spread
  • Abdominals and thighs and most muscular

Round 3 – Free Posing and Posedown

The athlete’s physique is judged as they perform a routine to music. Routines usually last between 30 to 90s.

Athletes have the flexibility to display their strengths and hide their weaknesses.

Athletes can do non-mandatory bodybuilding poses during this routine?

What are some of the non-mandatory bodybuilding poses?

  • Vacuum pose – Frank Zane
  • Christmas tree pose
  • Double straight arm pose – Arnold Schwarzeneggar
  • Show off the full, massive biceps
  • Moon pose (Banned)
  • Kneeling pose
  • Arms overhead
  • Splits
  • Side double biceps
  • Crucifix pose
  • Quad stop
  • Vacuum crucifix