Bodybuilding ab exercises

Abs workout bodybuilding

Getting good size, looking strong and fit is one thing, but the best way to polish off your look is by having chiselled abs. You don’t want to build yourself up only to have a gut that hangs over the edge of your shorts like some muffin top. If you’re skinny, don’t think that this cannot happen to you as there are plenty of guys that are both skinny and fat, simply because they haven’t committed to any abdominal exercises that can help them get that polished mid-section look that most men ardently desire.

If you want a mid-rift that will melt the hearts of any woman, friend or foe, then you need to start doing the following exercises to develop those cheese-grating abs.

Lower abs

Leg raises

You know the V, but the cuts from the hip flexors is what will set tongues wagging. Simply raise your legs extended until it reaches 90 degrees. Do this for three sets of 15 repetitions twice or three times a week.

Check out the video below for a good demonstration.

Knee raises

You’ve seen those men that have cover model abs that sport a V-shape. You can get one too and you don’t have to invest in expensive exercise equipment to do so. Simply raise your knees to your chest with your abdominals. You can do three sets of 15 repetitions twice or three times a week.

Check out the video below for a good demonstration.


Upper abs

Cable crunches

Working out the top core with serious resistance is made easy with cable crunches. Simply add the resistance weight to the machine and pull with your abdominal muscles.

You can see a good demonstration in the video below.


This is a classic exercise, but it is an effective exercise. Your body is the resistance weight and you can do the movement anywhere.

Check out this excellent video by Robbie Riches.


Woodchoppers/Cable pulls

I love this exercise. Many people neglect the obliques. But if you ever want to boast the physique of Wolverine, obliques are a must. Woodchoppers/cable pulls will help you do just that. Grab the cable and twist with resistance weight that will allow you to workout the fibres in your obliques.

Look at the video below from Chris Jones for a good demonstration.

Core stability

There are other exercises that will work out your core and also develop the strength in your abdominals.


Excellent for leg development, but you will develop much mre strength in your abs due to the resistance weight, which will work out your stablizing muscles.


This works in a similar way, although you will feel the need to contract and hold your abdominal and core to complete the movement. It’s an excellent full body workout and for the abs.

Sumo lift

It’s a variation of the deadlift, but it will also increase the strength in your stablizing muscles.

Tip for getting cheese-grating abs.

The exercises that have been presented will help you develop the muscle, but you won’t be able to show off your abs if your body is in the wrong kind of condition. This means your body isn’t less than 12% body and your abs are hidden behind layers of body fat.

The only way you can truly show off your abs is by minimising your body’s fat by maintaining a calorie deficit diet and conditioning your body with cardiovascular training.

Check out this post on cardiovascular training to minimise your body fat.

Now you have the knowledge. Take it, apply it and get yourself some gobsmacking abs.