Best Wrist Straps for lifting

Harbinger lifting wrist straps

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Good quality wrist straps in the gym can make a big difference to the quality, intensity, and resistance in your lifts. Investing in a good quality set of wrist straps should be a one-off investment, so it’s advised to not go for the cheap wrist straps that will only last for a couple of weeks or months. Get a pair that will last for years or even possibly a lifetime.

I invested in the Double Loop Lifting Vantage wrist straps, which are highly durable and they are used widely in the powerlifting community.

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What are the best wrist straps for lifting?

Harbinger wrist straps

Harbinger wrist straps

These straps are open and allow the lifter to use a lasso grip to hook the bar into the wrist. This is good because it provides an extra element of safety should the lifter feel the need to release the bar during the middle of their lift.

The fabric that’s used on these straps also won’t dig into your wrist, so it won’t feel like the wraps are cutting into your skin.

Additionally, the hook when strapped in is secure enough to maintain the consistency of lifts for several repetitions.

You should be able to pick-up a set of these for between $7-20USD.

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Ironmind lifting straps

Ironmind lifting straps

These straps are definitely for the more advanced lifter. These will take some extra time for lifters to setup since they need to create their own loops. However, it does allow the lifter to create a more secure lifting strap to both hold and release the bar.

Prices start from $11USD.

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How can wrist straps help with your bodybuilding training?

When worn and used correctly, wrist straps will improve the intensity of the bodybuilding workouts.

Which exercises do wrist lifting straps help with?

  • Deadlifts
  • Romanian deadlifts (RDLs)
  • Rows
  • Lat Pulldowns
  • Pull ups
  • Chin ups

Why do bodybuilders wear wrist straps?

Bodybuilders wear wrist straps for a couple of reasons.

  1. Is to improve the grip strength/reduce the risk of the bar slipping when doing the lifting movement.
  2. Wrist straps allow the bodybuilder to focus on executing the movements.
  3. Wrist straps allow the bodybuilder to lift more weight, which can be sustained for more repetitions and allows the bodybuilder to train more intensely.

Do wrist straps help you lift more?

On certain exercises and movements, wrist straps do help you lift more. For exercises such as the deadlifts and Romanian deadlifts, it helps to maintain your grip strength and prevents the weight from slipping out of your hands when you are lifting.

Additionally, it allows you to focus on executing the lifting movement. When the bar is slipping, you will readjust your position and other muscles will compensate, which can potentially lead to injury when doing the exercise.

Should you wear wrist supports when you are lifting weights?

If there is a risk of the bar or weight slipping due to your grip, then it’s ideal to wear wrist straps to avoid the risk of injury.

Watch the video below to learn more about lifting straps.