Best skipping ropes

Getting a good skipping rope that will improve the intensity of your skipping rope jump workout is essential if you really want to take your fitness and performance to the next level.

There are different types of skipping ropes at different price points. And most will suffice if you plan to do entry-level to intermediate skipping.

However, you want to seriously increase the intensity, you will want to get a skipping rope that makes it easier do more skipping repetitions, that doesn’t slow down, and that can be adjusted to suit your perfect skipping height for single, double, or triple unders.

What are the best skipping ropes?

Vantage Strength Skipping Rope

This one costs a bit more with the retail price starting from $29.95. However, this is the type of skipping rope that you want to purchase if you are after a one-time investment.

The skipping rope is adjustable with screws that allow you to adjust the rope length.

The weight of the rope is thin and has been developed with materials that make it durable for thousands of skips.

Unlike the cheaper skipping ropes, this one won’t wear out at the handle. The rope is likely to get frayed depending on the surface where you skip.

You can buy this rope for around the $30 mark, but it can last you for 3-10 years.

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