Best glutamine for Bodybuilding

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Based on the recommendation from world-class natural bodybuilders, RSP Clean active nutrition glutamine is to highest standard that should be consumed.

A 500g tub will cost between $25-50USD, depending on your supplier.

What are some things that you should look out for before deciding to buy glutamine?

Check to see which country it is made in? Ideally, the product should be manufactured in the USA or Germany.

Why should bodybuilders take glutamine?

There are claims that consuming glutamine will assist in preventing up to 40% in muscle loss.

When should you take glutamine bodybuilding supplements?

According to some world champion natural bodybuilders, they advise that glutamine should be taken twice daily. 7.5g should be taken in the morning with breakfast and 7.5g should be taken within 1h of going to bed to aid with your body’s rest and recovery while you sleep.

Resources about Glutamine

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