Beaxst review

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Today I finished the Beaxst program. Completing the program took me longer than I initially expected because the performance level that’s required is very challenging. Something that I would recommend to people that are considering to do the program is to make sure that their body is as lean as possible before starting the program.

What was my Beaxst transformation?

The photo doesn’t do it justice, but I actually gained 2.5kg. And developed a more athletic-looking frame.

Beaxst results

What’s my initial thoughts on Beaxst?

In theory, it can be done at any level. But in my opinion, I think it would be better for someone to complete AX1 and AX2, Max Shred, and Max Size before starting the program.

In my case, I completed AX1 with 2 TNTs, Max Shred, and then Max Size twice before starting the program.

My plan was to do Beaxst on the Total Beaxst level over a 3 month period. I would learn that I would be humbled by the program since it is a demanding program.

I attempted Total Beaxst for the first 6 weeks and failed the challenge. The weights required for the challenge are really heavy (Up to 2.25 times your body weight) and I simply couldn’t even make them budget.

I had to restart the program at the Beaxst level. This is the level I completed the program on.

What is the Beaxst program for?

It is a power building program and focuses on full body training. The program will progressively improve your strength and power. As the improvements happen, you will develop size. However, the muscle won’t develop size in the same way that Max Size does. So if you are after a pure muscle size building program, go for Max Size.

If you want an athletic building program, go for Beaxst.

What were some of the results from doing Beaxst?

My weight went up from 80.8kg to 83.3kg.

My strength improved across my different muscle groups.

Squats went from 80kg to 110kg.

Deadlift went from 100kg to 130kg.

Bench press went from 70kg to 100kg.

What’s some of my thoughts on Beaxst?

Alot of people say that they really liked the Beaxst program. And I think there are pros and cons to this program.


People continually complimented me on my upper body development.

My shoulders got visibly wider and my traps came out alot. People complimented me on my chest. And I know that my posture improved.

I got stronger and my muscles have filled out nicely from the torso upwards.

I’ve been told that my glutes are more firm. But I know I am more powerful and it feels easier to run fast.

At the time of doing Beaxst, I was 36 going on 37 and my muscular frame is the best that it has ever been.

It’s designed well to avoid the risk of injury.

This is a major hook point for me with Athlean X. The programs focus on progressive overload. So the risk of injury is minimized.

I did sustain an injury in the last couple of weeks and I believe it was from using too much weight on the dips and weighted chin-ups. I got a strain from miscalculating the weight. But recovered by the final week.


It requires alot of time.

AX1 can be done in 30-40 minutes, which is great for busy people. Beaxst will require 60-90 minutes of your time on the workout days. And another 20-30 minutes.

I don’t think there’s enough of a cardio element.

I don’t know the details around the way the program’s design. I would have loved to have had a ‘polished’ look by the time that I finished with the program. It could be my high expectations, but I wanted to have less body fat with the program. However, I didn’t follow Jeff’s meal plan or track my calories, so I am also to blame for this. My body fat on my stomach went up to 26%

He mentioned in one of his videos not to do cardio if you struggle to put on muscle. I related to this. But going forward, I need to maintain a body fat percentage year round so that I am happy with my look. I hate having a gut. And he promotes sprinting and other forms of cardio. But cardio running should still have its place.

No macro tracking.

Jeff says it isn’t needed if you follow his plan. I adopted a vegan diet and it would have been great to have guidelines around daily macros and vegan meals.

To look in good condition, my body fat really needs to be no higher than 12%.

You need access to additional equipment.

Mainly a dip belt. And some of the recommended equipment might not always be available.

Is it worth buying Athlean X’s Beaxst program?

I’d say yes, but it depends on where you are with your bodybuilding and fitness journey. If you are confident that you have developed the technique and strength gains, then progressing with Beaxst makes senses.

If you want a polished look, you AX1 or Max Shred.

If you only want size, then continue with Max Size.

The price is $99. A single personal training session will cost $30-100. It’s a good long-term investment if you prefer training alone with the program on your phone.

Thinking to do the program?

You will need to get the following to do exercises for the Beaxst program. Click on the links below to find cheap options on Amazon.

Dip belt with a chain

Exercise resistance bands