Athlean X Xero review

Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links for which I earn a commission. However, the insights and experiences shared are my own from completing the Athlean X Xero program.

I decided to purchase the Athlean X Xero program since we’ve entered a lockdown in my country and the gyms are closed. It was a shame because I was getting to the halfway point in my Beaxst program and I was considering to invest in Xero at a later date.

Without having sufficient space in my apartment, as well as the convenience of the right equipment considering how my apartment is setup, I decided to opt for Xero.

What is Athlean X Xero?

It’s a 6 week workout plan that promises to deliver intense muscle building and conditioning using nothing but your body’s weight.

There are different exercises that will make it challenging and force your muscles to use your body as resistant weight to trigger muscle growth and development.

What were my initial thoughts with the Athlean X program?

To be honest, I didn’t take it seriously and I had serious doubts about whether this program could help me improve my strength and conditioning.

After two weeks of procrastinating, I decided to bite the bullet and to take the Athlean X Xero program seriously.

What have I noticed since doing the program?

To my surprise, I’ve noticed that my body is looking more conditioned and it does appear that I am triggering muscle growth and adding muscle mass. (Not much, but enough to be noticeable).

I had a friend compliment me on how much more solid I was looking just after the restrictions were lifted. This was around week 4 of the program.

What makes Athlean X Xero unique?

The structure of the program is good for people that want to improve their functional fitness, strength, power, and conditioning without having access to equipment.

In my opinion, it is a great option if you just want to workout at home. I’ve been able to do my exercises in my living room space and also on the roof balcony.

The program focuses on completing exercise movements that target different muscle groups.

The exercises will fatigue the muscles until failure. And the aim is to maximise the amount of reps possible using that same muscle group.

If you have done the Max Size program, there is a similar methodology that’s used to maximise muscle growth.

Where have I seen the most amount of muscle growth from the Xero program?

I’ve seen it the most in my upper chest and shoulders. The program is a full body workout, but the growth has definitely occurred in the very upper body.

I have noticed some additional growth around the biceps and triceps.

How long does it take to complete the Athlean X Xero workouts?

I’d say anywhere from 20-45 minutes. With the abs session (Core4 or Six Pack Shuffle), you are looking at an extra 6-15 minutes.

I prefer this timeframe since it can be done very quickly without any travel time. You just need to find a space and go. So you really just need to block off an hour from your day.

Did I use the Athlean X supplements?

I used X-cite, which is the pre-workout. Apart from that, I made sure to eat a clean diet. The main reason I didn’t take the others is due to cost. My plan was to complete this program and then restart Beaxst, Max Size, and then either AX 1 or AX2 and use the supplements for those programs since they are more focused on size, strength, and power development.

Do you need to count macros?

In the program, it claims that you don’t need to count macros. And you don’t have to in theory. However, if you want to keep on track with your results, you do need to use some kind of measurement to ensure that you will meet your goals.

I usually start measuring if I see that my bodyweight is going up too fast (e.g. 1kg in a week).

I can then track what I’m consuming to make sure that I’m still on track.

Do you need to do cardio?

The program says no. I personally think that 20-40 mins of cardio will help. I’ve been doing this with some local running, sprinting, and cycling.

How does it compare to the other Athlean X programs?

To be transparent, I’ve completed AX1, Max Shred, Max Size, and Beaxst. From what I’ve experienced so far, it will help with the strength and development for your body in a similar way to AX1 and Shred.

I’d say it delivers on the athletic conditioning. However, you want to build more serious size and muscle, you will need to opt for the specific programs that will help you achieve those goals.

Should you buy Athlean X Xero?

If you want to train at home or quickly in the office or while you are travelling without access to a gym, then yes.

If you want to build strength and power, you need to opt for a different program.

In terms of having a program that you can access on the road or at home (such as in lockdown), it’s a great solution since you only need to use minimal space. Plus the exercises target different muscle groups as part of a full body workout.

The program contains 5 sessions a week for 6 weeks.

If you are looking for a structured bodyweight program, this is one that should be considered.

Athlean X Xero results

Below is a summary of the results from doing the Athlean X Xero program.

DateWeight (kg)
11th May 202080.10
26th June 202081.10
Weight progress on the Athlean X Xero Program

Photographic results

Final thoughts.

If you want to do functional exercises without weights, then this is a handy substitute.

I do think the program is lacking in cardio. Cardio is necessary especially for people like me who don’t move around alot.

While I did see progression with my strength, power, and function, I did not get the polished look that I was after. I can only seeing this work with a calorie deficit and cardio needs to be included more often to get a polished look.

I did add more cardio on some days, but I am carrying too much body fat.

But I did like the convenience of the program.

The other thing is the nutrition plan/guide isn’t caterd for vegans or vegetarians.

I prefer to opt for vegan options. I was trying to figure out what to have.

For meat-eaters, if you stick to greens and lean protein meats, it is much easier.

If you get this program, get it as a substitute if you want to preserve functional strength and mobility.

If you want to gain lean muscle, or if you want a bodybuilding program, you will need to opt for another program.

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