Athlean X supplement review

Athlean X Supplements

Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links, however my opinions are my own.

I’ve recently ordered the stack from Athlean X, which consists of the RX Xcite Pre-workout, Xcelerate Protein powder, and Reconstruxion.

I had been on the fence about getting these supplements for a long-time. The main issue is that they are more expensive to purchase compared to other supplements on the market.

Arguably, you can get many of the macronutrients in the supplements from other sources. The main thing I’ve found to be beneficial is the convenience of having the exact formula there and ready.

If budgets are tight, then having this regularly will be difficult unless you can get more disposable income.

If you do have the budget, it is an easy solution to add to your daily nutrition. If you choose not to buy it, at least have something that is similar.

Athlean RX-Xcite review.

The first time I took this, I got some tingles in my fingers. On the Athlean X forum, I saw some others that had said they experienced something similar happening.

Since I’ve been taking it for a week, the feeling tends to occur once the pre-workout starts going through the bloodstream.

I’ll say that you don’t feel an added kick. So it is hard to measure the difference in intensity.

I do find that I tend to be more consistent and alert. The muscles tend to activate quicker, which is great because I workout in the morning.

Like coffee, you will probably need to go to the bathroom shortly after taking it. So give yourself a few minutes to clean out the system before starting the workout.

I find that taking the supplement around 15-30 minutes before the workout gives my body enough time to jolt into action.

Also, there is alot of caffeine in this product. Before, I would drink 3 coffees before midday. Now, I might only take one. And even then, I don’t really need it.

It does feel like a good mix for a pre-workout.

Athlean X X-LR8 Protein powder review.

Another good product, but something that caught me off-guard was that I had to take 2 scoops per serving instead of one. Compared to the ON Protein that I take which only requires one scoop.

I got the vanilla. The taste is ok and it will do the job. I just have it with water.

The protein is good quality, but pricey for the amount of servings.

If money isn’t an issue, then go for this.

I have this one once a day. Then I take ON for my other servings (protein smoothie).

One thing you should be aware of though is the flatulence (farts) can be quite severe. So see how your body reacts to the mix.

Athlean RX – Reconstruxion – Muscle Recovery Review

This one I do like. I don’t understand how it works exactly, but I do feel like it compliments my muscle recovery, soreness, growth and repair nicely. I am currently doing the Max Size program and I have noticed more visual gains since I started taking the recovery.

This is my second time around on Max Size, but I do like the recovery mix.

Others that have reviewed the product said that it had a bad taste and tasted bitter. I just shake mine in my protein shaker and it tastes pretty good in my opinion. I have the fruit punch.

I’d recommend getting this and taking it just before you go to bed.

How much is it for the Athlean X supplements?

These are high-quality supplements that have a premium price tag.

The prices are listed below in USD.

X-Cite Pre-workout$34.99
X-LR8 Protein Powder$59.99
Reconstruxion Recovery Drink$54.99
Athlean X Product Prices

I purchased the base stack for $124.97.

This stack will last you for between 20-30 days.

Shipping in the US can be free or cheap. However, if you are based overseas, you will have to pay for international shipping fees. I ship mine to Australia, which typically adds $50-70 extra.

The main reason I went ahead with the purchase is the convenience that it gives me. It’s more cost-effective for me to purchase this and to consume it without thinking. Plus I do have the budget for it.

If this isn’t in your budget, you can consider some cheaper alternatives. They don’t have exactly the same blend, but offer good value for their price.

ON Pre-Workout.

ON Protein Powder.

For recovery, I’m finding the following supplement stack useful.

Vitamin D

Fish Oil

I hope that this helps.

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