Athlean X Max Size Review

I had previously published this post, but it accidentally got deleted. So I’m republishing it again.

I had finished completing the Inferno Max Shred program and got down to lean muscle. My plan was to build lean muscle on my frame using the Max Size program.

The photo below shows my before and after look.

Max Size review
Max Size review

The program is a great strength and muscle building program. I would say that you do need to monitor your diet because your aim is to build as much lean muscle mass as possible.

There isn’t any focus on cardio since this is pretty much a strength and muscle building program.

The workouts are structured to maximise the tension on the muscles as much as possible.

The workouts will take between 60-90 minutes depending on the accessibility to the weight equipment that you have.

What are some things that you should consider with Max Size?

It does add muscle size and thickness, but it will affect your athletic ability. It is done in a safe way and you should try to push yourself, however be sensible with the amount of weight that you can handle to avoid injuring yourself.

On the very last challenge, I injured myself because I attempted a heavier weight when I had actually injured my knee. This caused me to put my back out.

Is Max Size worth it?

In my opinion, it is. If you want measurable size in weight, you can expect to add between 2-4kg of muscle during the program.