5kg fat loss in 5 weeks or less (Guaranteed!)

I’m writing this from experience.

I was in a position where I was forced to realise that I had to burn my belly fat to save my relationship, my marriage and myself from my own destruction.

Like you, I am busy. I have things to do and several responsibilities. But the belly fat was going to be a dealbreaker for many things in my life. And if you have belly fat, you may be in the same position too.

I had to take action. And I can tell you that when I became serious and started to take action, I started to lose weight and body fat.

Below is a summary of what I have achieved so far.

Age: 35 (Going on 36)

Starting weight: 90.8kg

Date: October 7th 2018

Height: 1.86m

Weight progress: 85.9kg

Date: November 1st 2018

That is 4.9kg in less than 30 days. I hope am aiming to crack the 5kg by the November 6th, 2018. (I will provide an update)

Some other things to add is that I have had a bad groin injury and back pain over the past year, which I used as an excuse for not doing any exercise.

How did I achieve this?

I did an aggressive calorie deficit plan whereby I consumed 1400 calories a day and maintained a calorie deficit of 1000 calories.

The theory behind this is that I would be able to lose 900-1000g of body fat every 7 days if I remained disciplined and followed through with the calorie deficit.

Start by having a clean diet.

The one thing I want you to remember is:

You cannot outwork a bad diet…EVER!

This is what I’ve learned the most since managing my diet and sticking to my consumption plan. Every little bit chips away at you not achieving your fat loss goals. When you compare it to the amount of cardio that you have to do, it really does put things into perspective.

If I do cardio on the running machine, I can burn 100-130 calories in 10 minutes.

If I do cardio on the stairs, I can burn 100 calories in 11-12 minutes.

1 slice of barbecue and beef pizza from Dominos is 220 calories and I can finish a slice in less than 10 seconds.

If I eat an entire pizza, that is 1600+ calories that I can consume in less than 10 minutes. I cannot currently burn 1600 calories in a day.

The pizza is an example with bad food. However, the same thing can occur with good food.

And extra bit of chicken or an extra serving of rice can affect your body’s fat levels. So it is important that you know what you should eat.

  1. Understand how your body works with calorie surplus and calorie deficits.
  2. Change your diet to achieve a calorie deficit.
  3. Have a good macro split.

Tips for making this easier.

  • Measure and track your calories.
  • Cut out sugar from your diet.
  • Avoid any processed food.

You will be surprised how much sugar contributes to your added fat.

How can you buy clean and nutritious food for cheap?

  • Get your meats directly from the butchers.
  • Get your fruits and vegetables from the farmers markets.
  • Try to buy your food in bulk so that you get much more value for the money that you are spending.


If you want to get the best results, you need to exercise. I mentioned that I was carrying an injury, so I had to be careful with the types of exercises I was doing.

  • Resistance weights
  • Cardio

I hope that you found this helpful.